Post VSTS Release to Slack

Slack API

Always good to update the team about ongoing releases.


By using the Slack API in a VSTS PowerShell Release Task it is easy to update your team members.

To post messsage to Slack from VSTS I used the VSTS Powershell task with a function to post messages. For the PowerShell function I re-used the implementation from (thx), tuned it a bit with Release specific parameters and all that is left is adding a VSTS PowerShell Release Task which calls the PowerShell method. Too easy…


It should be even easier when there is a custom taks for VSTS to post messages, or a Zapier action, or a Service Hook in Slack But for now this simply works.


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John Waters 2/22/2016 12:03:39 AM

Nice! Is there a download for the  PS, I would like to try it!

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