Visual Studio Online Wunderlist extension on GitHub

With the joining of Wunderlist with Microsoft an obvious scenario falls in place, a connection between Visual Studio Online and Wunderlist (team tasks versus personal tasks). Take carefully planned Team activates in Visual Studio Online with you, by putting them together with your daily tasks in Wunderlist, ideal for the busy programmer. 

With this idea a weekend project has started. I already planned (on my Wunderlist task list :-) to learn more about the Visual Studio Online extensibility model. 

This is an overview video of the functionality.


On GitHub you can find the sources.

For the implementation I mainly used the VSO examples together with the Wunderlist API docs and a I toke some C# from 6wunderkinder/Wunderlistchen (thx Christian Lang)

Only the happy flow from VSO to Wunderlist is implemented, it is far from production ready. I wonder if it ever will be, also because Wunderlist works on an integration point with Zapier. That gives us (VSO users) an easier integration point than building it yourself.

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