Integrate Azure, Visual Studio Online and Office 365 with VSO Rest APIs.

With the just released Visual Studio Online Rest APIs you can do some wonderful things.

For example:
We create a solution to support project teams who use Azure for their development and test activities. Teams who use Visual Studio Online for their ALM infrastructure and Azure VMs for their Development and Test environments (as most Sogeti Teams do :-).clip_image001

The challenges when running heavy cloud based teams like this, is that you want to let them use the Azure and Visual Studio Online resources as efficient as possible. Give them easy to use features to create Development and Test Environments is key. But, also too often VMs keep running for weeks, while no test runs or any code change / team activity has happen. And from a few days ago, Visual Studio Online licenses you want to monitor unused licenses.

Teams should stay Fast and Flexible, and must have insight in what they do, to be efficient. Via this portal we give Teams insight and tools to use the Azure and VSO resources as efficient as possible.

The portal gives information about VSO Licenses used, build and test runs, Azure IaaS state and overall Azure costs, everything that costs money when running your project.

This all works in a SharePoint O365 Provider Hosted App, with Microsoft Azure Management Libraries and the Visual Studio Online Rest APIs consumed via a WebAPI, all hosted on Azure Cloud Services and secured by Windows Azure Active Directory.


Teams get information like:

Azure Development and Test Environments usages.
Beside Azure VM’s state, start, stop and RDP connect there is also the capability to add usage notifications and a schedule rule engine to the VMs. So team members are notified when a VM is unnecessary on. Mobile apps receive the notifications and have the ability to stop the VM.


Build usages and history.
For teams to see the build usages and to get an indication if build environments are proper used.


Team licenses.
Visual Studio Online License information of all the team members.


and Team activities.


And as last and Overall Azure subscription costs.
Every project has its own VSO Account and Azure Subscription (in the Azure Enterprise Subscription). In this subscription they maintain the VSO licenses and their Development and Test Azure VMs. This give the team control over what they need (add licenses and developer machines when they need) and insight in the true costs of the project. We upload the terrible excel output from the Enterprise Azure Portal to an Azure SQL database.


All in Office 365 in a single project portal to enable Fast and Flexible Teams. VSO Rest APIs Rock … Glimlach

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