Windows 8 Dutch Train Planner App

The Dutch Train Planner App uses Bing Maps to plan and visualize your train journey.


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The App has two entry points, the main entry is searching for travel advices the second is information about your current journey.

Search for travel advices.

When opening the App a map is shown with all the train stations in the Netherlands, zoomed at your current location.


Selecting one will popup the travel planner, where you can select if this station is the ‘From’ (green) or ‘To’ station (Blue). Or, get information about departing train from this station (orange).


You also can search on train station by using the Windows 8 Search Charm.


After selecting the ‘From’ or ‘To’ the other station can be selected or search for.


After selecting (or accepting) the travel time and date route advices will be collected by pressing the blue arrow button.

Travel advices are shown ordered on departure time and the travel route is visualized from station to station.


The StartStation_thumb3 icon is the departure station and the EindStation_thumb2 is the arrival station.
The OverstapStation_thumb2 icon visualizes a station where you have a stopover. The red dots are stations where the train stops.


In the App Bar you now can save this search for later use by using the Pin button.



View current journey

When you select the ‘play’ button you enter the ‘current journey view’. This view gives detailed information about departure time, platform and stopover time.


Snapping the App will give you the freedom to keep on working without missing your travel schedule.


Pinning you current travel schedule will take the advice offline so you can use it without internet connection.


Have fun.


There is still a lot on my backlog and this is still work in progress. So any recommendations our tips are welcome.


This App is made to plan and visualize your journey on the Dutch railroads, although it is carefully made no guarantee is given by the maker of this App that the information is correct. And the maker is not liable of damage due to the use of this App and missing trains.

Privacy Policy

This App doesn’t collect any personal data, no travel information or location information is saved. For details see:

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