Not a Windows 8 machine, but you do want to start creating Store Apps … the possibilities.

There are two good workarounds when you want to start playing/ learning to develop Windows 8 Store Apps, but you aren’t able to due to a machine limitations or company policies. 


1: Windows 8 Virtual Labs

The first is accessible for everybody, but a bit limited. Microsoft provides several virtual labs with exercises a good starting point. The only limitation is that you can’t save your work, so creating something for yourself isn’t possible.

Virtual Labs 

labs for C# and JavaScript at Windows 8 Virtual Labs

Each lab comes with a downloadable manual and a 90-minute time allocation. You can sign up for additional 90-minute blocks at any time.

To run these labs you need a Windows XP and IE5 our later, reasonable requirements. 



2: Azure Virtual Machine

With an Azure Account (you can sign up for a trial one, or use your MSDN subscription), you can create Virtual Machines.

The Windows Server 2012 version give you the capabilities to develop Windows Store Apps, freely without any limitations. Visual Studio (trial) connected with for source repository and agile planning will complete the development scenario. Download the above Labs or the Windows 8 Camp in a Box for your exercises.

To enable this scenario, your client machine only needs Remote Desktop.

Happy programming.


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