09. Getting Testing Done in the Sprint – Test Tasks on the Board

It seems obvious that you need to have activities in the sprint for your testing activities. At least when you have something in your Definition Of Done what covers testing, like:

  • Test Complete
  • Integration tested done
  • Functional testing done
  • Regression testing done
  • Performance testing done
  • Acceptance testing done

See: http://www.scrumalliance.org/articles/106-definition-of-done-a-reference. When there is totally no risk or business value in the system you are creating it can be that you don’t have to test it. (read: Risk and Business driven Tests), for all other systems… you need test tasks on the scrum board. I’ve seen multiple teams working with a scrum board which didn’t had any test activities, testing was a completely separate activity. So, this topic isn’t that strange.


These test tasks cover all the test activities the team need to execute to create a BPI conform the definition of done. this will be activities like:

  • Create test cases based on this and this test design technique for this PBI.
  • Setup the test infrastructure for load testing
  • Create test data for regression testing.
  • Automate this and this test cases.

You name it, there are a lot of test tasks which need to be executed for a PBI to get Done. Often people get scared when they see all the test activities that need to be done, and want to minimize them. Bad job, this is a main reason why you can’t finish testing in a sprint.

A good thing, people (Sogeti) already have been thinking about test activities and they have written a book about it: “TMap Next”.
An even better thing, I create a TMap 4 TFS app with all the test activities ready to publish to you TFS Scrum board.

For every phase in the test lifecycle

a details page with test tasks

with a detailed description of this task.

5 2 3


Watch on YouTube

Read the details

When you don’t have a Windows Phone, you also can use the TMap for VS2010 process template, this one also contains a predefined set of testing tasks. Having predefined tasks isn’t really good, but it is still better as no testing tasks.

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