TMap for TFS Windows Phone 7 App available in the marketplace.

TMap (Test Management Approach) is a method for structured testing of software. An essential part of the method is the Life Cycle.



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The TMap Life Cycle app describes the different phases of the TMap Life Cycle and has the capability to create TMap Test Tasks in your Team Foundation Server project.

The TMap app also offers various downloads for checklists and templates supporting the TMap process. As well as the possibility to download books and papers.



TMap for TFS menu’s

The TMap for TFS App has four main menu’s; TMap, TFS, Sogeti and Books.


TMap is the entry point to the TMap Test Lifecycle. In this menu you can find the different Test Phases, from creation of the plan to the completion and preserving of the testing effort. Every phase has a page with exists out of five sections. Aim, discuses the why if the phase. The activities section shows the TMap test activities and has the capability to upload these to your TFS project, so they become part of your project task list. When you tap on an test activity item it show a more detailed description of this activity. Operation, describes how to run this phase and the products list gives you some guidelines which product should be realized during this phase. The toolbox section has a collection of tools and practices which you can use to execute this phase.

Under the TFS menu you can make the settings and connection to your TFS project for uploading TMap test tasks. See section below for details.

The menu Sogeti and Books provide some additional information.

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Plug in

TMap Test Tasks in Team Foundation Server Projects



The connection with TFS


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The connection with TFS uses the OData service for TFS.
When you want to use this for your own TFS server you need to install and configure the OData service for it, see the docs in the download
You also can use it for your codeplex project. For these login settings see: CodePlex OData API.
For TFS 11 Preview OData isn’t available.

The TMap for TFS app saves your settings and will move to the next screen when connected.



Team Projects.

Select or search for a Team Project where you are working on.



Work Item.

Make the default work item settings.
Type the name for the work item type you want to create. For Codeplex projects this is ‘Work Item’ for Scrum projects this will be ‘Task’.
Give the initial state of this work item type. For Codeplex this will be ‘Proposed’, for Scrum it will be ‘New’.
Finaly set the area and iteration path of the work items. 

Finally the created work items will appear in TFS and will be accessible by all Visual Studio client tools, Visual Studio, Microsoft Test Manager, Excel, SharePoint and by Web Access.
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