CodedUI Test Builder - Crosshair highlights UI Control wrong …

Within Visual Studio you can create UI tests by manual execute the action on the application uner test.


To add an assertion for the test you can use the crosshair, which selects the UI control and lets you select the properties you want to test.

The UI Test Builder visualizes your selection by a blue highlight around the selected UI control. in the screenshot below this highlighting goes wrong, and it goes wrong for every control…  pretty annoying.


It is a kind of strange behavior and has some relation with the Test Runner error when you try to create an action recording for a web application with a different zoom level than 100%. the screen is out of sync for the recorder engine.

On a screen you also can set different DPI settings for better readability. Set this setting other than 100% will result in the strange highlight behavior.


For some reason my default setting is 125% … set it to 100% and I’m good again…


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