Testing in Agile Software Development Environments with TMap NEXT

From www.TMap.NET a more generic story than this past post about VS2010, scrum and testing

Structured testing can be perfectly integrated in agile development. Sogeti has written a vision docment intended for everyone with an interest in Sogeti’s vision on testing in relation to the agile manifesto and, in general, the application of TMap NEXT® in an agile software development environment (ASDE) (this paper does not describe in detail how to use TMap NEXT® together with a specific agile method, like Scrum).image

In agile processes a number of aspects pose a significant challenge to the traditional view of professional testing: lack of detailed requirements, reduced multipurpose process documents (test strategy, plans and cases etc.), always delivering working software, nightly integration and builds, user involvement, short time boxed iterations, potential technical requirements for testers, change of culture (self managed teams), distributed or off-shore teams and the fast pace of delivery.


You can download your copy of the vision document here.

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