Architecture Journal Article: Models and Application Life-Cycle Management

This article discusses the creation and maintenance of consistent, correct, and communicative software architecture by using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.


Setting up, validating, and maintaining consistent, correct, and communicative software architecture in its context and interaction with its environment is no trivial task.

A new architecture needs to be created. But how do you know if this architecture is good? ff805120_Figure_1(en-us,MSDN_10)Covering all areas, dealing with all the requirements and quality attributes is difficult; but forgetting to discuss one or more is easy and will leave space for assumptions.

Because of changing requirements, your architecture needs to be changed. But how do you know if it is still consistent? Unstable documents and models will confuse the development and test teams, who will not know what to build or what the intention of the system is.

How can you make practical use of the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 modeling capabilities in the application life cycle and an architectural approach, to cover these challenges and create good software architecture?

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