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Got this message this morning, while not connected with the Internet. So this message won’t appear that often, when you are always connected.

tfs message messenger

Because it’s a kind of strange message, I just wanted to open VS 2010. so, it needed some investigation, where did it came from?
A very obvious place the Team Members menu… 

add person

Clicking ‘the personal settings’ menu showed the assembly which does the work, the section “collaboration” has a capability to set providers, collaboration platform providers… very very interesting!!

collaboration dialogs

A quick look with the Architecture Explorer shows a nice provider model with a Office communicator provider and a MSN Messenger provider…


So this will give us the possibilities to create or own providers to get connected with our team members, curious when the first Facebook, LinkedIn or Zune social providers will be created.. Visual Studio and ALM are all about collaboration, so this is really a nice development.

[this is 2008 powertools functionality, see Brian’s post how to extend it; Extending the new TFS Team Members Power Tool]

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Brilliant post. Bookmarked it already. Best regards, Jackson.

Thank you for another awesome post. See ya, Dylan Christie ~ Pärmar

Situations like this are never quite as simple as you might think, but I resepct your point of view

Usually I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this article really forced me to do so! Thanks, really nice article.

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