TMap Process Template for VSTS2010 - Overview Video

This is an update of the work we have been doing regarding TMap [a widely adopted test approach] and VSTS2010. With the release of Beta1 of VSTS2010 we’ve started to build a TMap test process template. This 38 minutes video recording [silverlight] is an overview of this work in progress. Feel free to give us any kind of feedback, by using the comment form or by sending a mail directly at Clemens dot Reijnen at Sogeti dot nl and introduction story can be found here.


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Hey that's good video, i loved it, keep share some more videos.

Carl Stanford 7/29/2009 1:10:02 PM

Dude, what happened to your t-shirt about 1/3 into the presentation? Did testing change your appearance and behaviour? LOL

I learned a lot from blogs, and your article is a great part of them. Thanks for sharing.But if you want some other idea, I'm just around here, hanging up.

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