Collaborative Knowledge Sharing and Decision Making…

Nice article by Gartner and fits partly in the presentation Edward and I gave yesterday for SDN; having guidance in VSTS2010 for you design and architecture process as I call it “Collaborative Knowledge Sharing and Decision Making”…


These are the Key Findings of the report, its interesting to read them with software architecture process in mind:

  • CDM is a category of decision support system for nonroutine, complex decisions that require iterative human interactions.
  • Social software extends the collaborative decision-making process by allowing decision makers to discuss an issue, "brainstorm" options, evaluate their pros and cons, and agree on a course of action.
  • Tagging the decisions made in social software with information from BI systems enables users to be informed when decision-making assumptions change.
  • Ad hoc tagging regarding value, relevance, credibility and decision context can substantially enrich both the decision process and the content that contributes to the decisions.

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thanks for this usefull informations..
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