Forrester Case Study: Microsoft Speeds Tool Delivery With Agile Development

Nice reading from Forrester about VSTS 2010 Team Architect product developement…


Microsoft's TeamArch, which is responsible for the Visual Studio Team System 2010 Architect product, faced multiple challenges that interfered with its ability to rapidly deliver a plug-in tool with the right capabilities. Some of the challenges included fuzzy requirements, a large development organization, and widely varied target customers. How did the team respond? It transformed the way it worked, introducing tighter customer relationships, Agile development practices, and more-transparent stakeholder communication. These changes, coupled with an almost manic focus on delivery, enabled the team to challenge the status quo, delivering faster and with higher quality. The team's practices also have relevance in other technology contexts, and many application development professionals can apply the lessons Microsoft learned.

Case Study- Microsoft Speeds Tool Delivery With Agile Development

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