Install Windows 7 ISO without DVD writer software but with Virtual PC

Installed Windows 7 Beta 1 this morning just before ice skating  in my backyard.

[click to zoom, the pushpin is where I live at the water and now at the ice… really great, see also picture below]

2009-01-06 in de avond  (9) 

[Vicky and Abel]

Actually I upgraded the 6801 PDC version to the 7000 version [no problems with that]. But because I don’t have a DVD writer and no ISO reading tool I used the workaround I did many times and just because I haven’t seen any post about it [and I wanted to show some skating pictures] I thought let’s post it.

What did I do to install the Windows 7 ISO image, the steps are very easy.

I do think everybody nowadays have Virtual PC installed, if not… think it over… it’s an easy way to have a playground for all the obscure software you want to install and try [and it’s free]. After you have installed it, don’t forget to install the ‘Additions’ found in the file menu.
After opening a virtual environment go to the CD menu and select “Capture ISO image”, don’t run the setup but browse to the CD. Copy-past the complete directory to a location on the host machine and run the setup from there, every thing works fine on my machine.

A very easy way to install Windows 7 [on your main environment] without using DVD’s…
Have fun… my machine was up and running within one round of ice skating… it was a beautiful morning.

P1110072 panorama

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Remi Gillig 1/11/2009 6:16:20 PM

Hi, not a question about the post in question, although it's very useful, but what software(s) do you use for panoramas? I use a mix of autopano, hugin and enblend but your panorama looks really good so I would like to know, thanks.

Het eenmalig installeren van daemon tools en deze gebruiken, lijkt me een minder complexe manier om hetzelfde te bereiken. Heb je niet eerst een vpc met os nodig om dit te doen? Of kun je ook zonder os de cd browsen?

idd VPC met OS heb je nodig... er vanuitgaand dat je die hebt, hoef je niets te installeren en valt de complexiteit wel mee.

nice out looks photo shot

the ability of this post was they help many people to learn and to know this!!thanks for sharing..

Microsoft Virtual PC is a virtualization suite for Microsoft Windows operating systems, and an emulation suite for Mac OS X on PowerPC-based systems. Virtual PC virtualizes a standard PC and its associated hardware.

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