Visual Studio 2010 [formerly known as Rosario] Video’s

A lot of video’s on Channel 9 about VS2010 and a nice thing… they us the newest bits for it. So, watching them give a nice insight in where Rosario is going.

Architecture Day (Tuesday, September 30th):
- Cameron Skinner: Visual Studio Team System 2010 – Architecture
- "Top-down" design with Visual Studio Team System 2010
vs arch

This one is really nice, Mark guides the viewer to the creation of the demo project ‘DinnerNow’ with the us of the UML diagrams. As you can see there is a new Model Explorer [upper left corner] and what you don’t see there is also a model project type added to Visual Studio… and a lot more new things.

vs arch1

Drag and Drop from the model explorer..! and a lot more connections between the diagrams.

Two months ago I made a video demo how we are using Team Architect UML for a real live project [for internal use]. I just uploaded it to YouTube, so you can see the difference between a demo project [Dinnernow] and a real life project… not that much difference :-)



- "Bottom-up" Design with Visual Studio Team System 2010 Architect

vs arch2

A nice new feature in the sequence diagram…

vs arch3

and an example of the layered diagram

vs arch4

with validation enabled in the build process…

The last one about Team Architect: ARCast.TV - Peter Provost on what’s coming for Architects in Visual Studio Team System


The other video’s about VSTS2010 below [haven’t watched everything yet, still busy with my vacation photo’s]

2008-09-25 Gross Morne mountain (22) IMG_5211
Business Alignment (Wednesday, October 1st):
- Achieving Business Alignment with Visual Studio Team System 2010
- Agile Planning Templates in Visual Studio Team System 2010
- Enterprise Project Management with Visual Studio Team System 2010
- Requirements Management and Traceability with Visual Studio Team System 2010

Software Quality (Thursday, October 2nd):
- Better Software Quality with Visual Studio Team System 2010
- Manual Testing with Visual Studio Team System 2010
- Historical Debugger and Test Impact Analysis in Visual Studio Team System 2010

Team Foundation Server (Friday, October 3rd):
- Brian Harry: Team Foundation Server 2010
- Branching and Merging Visualization with Team Foundation Server 2010
- Enterprise Team Foundation Server Management with Mario Rodriguez
- Team Foundation Server 2010 Setup and Administration
- An early look at Team Foundation Build 2010 with Jim Lamb
- A first look at Visual Studio Team System Web Access 2010
- Update on Team Foundation Server Migration and Synchronization

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Please, no more codenames. 'Formerly known as' Cider or Rosario or Avalon or Tahoe or Whidbey or Orcas may mean a lot to insiders and 'Softies but to the rest of us they're just an annoyance. Please, no more. We don't care what it was called internally.

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