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Date: Oct 9th, 2008 - 9am-10:30pm CST (GMT-6)

Architects love to talk about certification. What certifications they need and what certifications they want. But mostly they like to know exactly what certifications are available and how they relate to their career. They want to know what certification is based on, where it came from, who it is for, and how much it costs. They are interested in whether it tests experience, knowledge or both.

Well now you can find out about the top certifications in the industry straight from the providers. The IASA is proud to be hosting the first Global Certification Summit with leaders from the Microsoft Certified Architect program, the IT Architect Certification program from The Open Group, the Business Architect Certification from the BAA and our very own IASA board certified architect program.

Due to the historic nature of having all of these thought leaders available online, we are inviting all of IASA (not just the Global Chapter) to participate.

You can register for an online event at


About the Speakers
Our speakers will include:

  • Scott Anderson, Chair of the IASA Board of Education
  • George Cerbone, the leader of the Microsoft Certified Architect program.
  • Leonard Fehskens, VP Skills and Capabilities at The Open Group
  • Mark Goetsch, President of the Business Architects Association

Moderator: Paul Preiss, President of the IASA


Dallas Nov 6-7: Check it out here

Future Events

Oct 23th - Infrastructure Architecture for a Connected Enterprise- Cisco


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