Microsoft joins the OMG…

Still on vacation but, found a nice Bed & Breakfast this evening with Internet connection. So, time to get updated around the things that are going on past weeks… for those who are interested see pictures below… places I’ve worked so far during vacation.

P9020063 P9040008 P9060011

not only work also walked some great trails a lot of playing with Abel and I saw my first whale… [see image] amazing really great, although Abel got seasick…


Anyway, the hot ‘modelling news of past week:

  • Microsoft joins the OMG
    This is really hot news and re-started the discussion about UML vs DSL again…  Steve Kelly started this discussion actually just before this news with his Microsoft DSLs + UML = ??? post. Cameron Skinner also has a, often referred, post about it “DSL + UML = Pragmatic Modeling”, John de Haan has also a nice one, DSL in the context of UML and GPL and today I read one from InfoQ Microsoft Joins the OMG: UML or DSL?…  Very interesting discussion, my opinion at this moment… I like the idea of a hybrid UML - DSL approach, in what way it is going to work with Rosario? I don’t know, actually… just a little, working on some implementation to give it a try, to find out what works best for us and our customers. More on this in later posts when I’m back from vacation…

Other great news…

  • Microsoft's Patterns and Practices team has just kicked off App Architecture Guide v2.0.
  • and there is some more news on Oslo, see Don Box’s blog


Time to prepare my self for tomorrows conference call… after that back on vacation again, going to do the Cabot Trail. 

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