Rosario – Import Visio documents in the diagrams.

Had some fun last weekend and past evenings with Rosario, DSL’s and Visio.

When you read the MSDN forums about Visio, Modeling and Tools, Team Architect and Rosario you see that there are often questions about Visio and the need for export functionality… see this search result list and these threads:

This answers, triggered me:

there is no way to export to Visio using the April CTP

David is right with his answer. Visio 2007 doesn’t have an XMI export  and the April CTP doesn’t have a XMI import [yet!!??,  haven’t heard anything about it but David Starr mentions it in this post Architecture Modeling in Rosario with Peter Provost, still wondering if you can make an general XMI export/ import while every tools uses it’s own version].
But, the Rosario UML diagrams are based on the DSL tools… so everything is possible :-)

So, after some hours of playing… here is the Visio Import Addin. [don’t think an export is prio 1 at this moment]

First create or open an activity diagram, right mouse click and select “Import Visio Diagram”…


Select the diagram you want to import and look at the result…



I know it’s a very simple diagram, but it works, it even tries to take make the same layout (I didn’t do anything with the position of the shapes after the import)..

So, now it’s time to answer that forum post :-)
I think it’s useful. It’s useful for us, we’ve got tons of activity diagrams in Visio...

Anyway, time to prepare myself for a trip to Italia… will show some code after this weekend.

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