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I’m not a conference blogger [ “Tips for conference bloggers” from Bruno Giussani and Ethan Zuckerman].

But, I always make some pictures, movies and notes. These are some of them…

Keynote: Matching Supply and Demand: Challenges in Model-Based Code Generation for
Quality of Service-Constrained Software Bran Selic (Malina Software Corp.)

Interesting thoughts about Platform Independs…

Early morning breakfast at the Hotel. P6260022
Pedro Molina 

Experience Report: MDD:
Models, frameworks and code generation: some experiences building business software.


Goldfish Bowl:
Microsoft DSL Tools: User Experiences Facilitator: Jos Warmer

Jos explains the rules about the “Goldfish Bowl” session.

I really like this part of the conference instead of only presentations there are a lot of discussions sessions like this “Goldfish Bowl”, panel discussions and “Birds of a Feather Sessions” in the bar.

Goldfish Bowl:
Microsoft DSL Tools: User Experiences Facilitator: Jos Warmer

I’m just there to start-up the discussion, hoping I could leave soon also something Duncan thought... but Marc [Jean-Marc Prieur] was to fast every time… and Sebastian Talamoni had enough questions.

It’s recorded and will show up on the conference site soon.


Flexibility in Code Generation
Jos Warmer


Experience Report:
Evangelizing Code Generation: A case study
of incremental adoption


Strategies for generating code from Microsoft DSL tools and T4 text templates

Brooke Hamilton

Keynote: The Domain-Specific IDE – Steve Cook P6270001

It was a great conference.

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