Blogging 1.0 is really out-dated…I Changed to Blogging 2.0

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You can spot those living in Blogging 1.0 as they're the ones railing about keeping all their comments on their blog, and they're the ones saying that FriendFeed or Twitter have absolutely no value, and complaining about the noise.
[Blogging 2.0 Causing Friction With 1.0 Bloggers]

make-some-noise_save-darfur-high-resMy posts now live in all kind of different places where people can add comments. For example Hyves, Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed and some more “social” networks.

But, just subscribing to all kind of networks, digg’s, social bookmarks sites and let people comment from there isn’t really 2.0…

I also changed my blog-engine to use Silverlight. It wasn’t in my Circle_of_Interset, but played with it past weekend and I really liked it.
Also worked on some ideas how this technology can be used with the Team Architect diagrams, for example DeepZoom should be useful. Anyway, not my highest priority so it will take some time to see some bits from that. 

Now I can make some noise and can use some fancy UI techniques. But, still missing something to call myself a Bloging 2.0 ready…

Yesterday I got an SSDS [SQL Server Data Services] Beta Subscription and I started changing my blog-engine to use Cloud Services. Didn’t managed to get it working yesterday-evening [need some sleep once in a while]. So I have to wait for that one…


Lucky me, Eugenio Pace posted this morning some bits about using SSDS with Blogengine.NET. This will save me some sleep time…

When I finisched that implementation, I’ve got Cloud Services, a fancy UI and more NOISE… really a 2.0 blogger ;-)

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well i knew it its, thanks for sharing something new about your topic

Wow, I never knew that is really out-dated & hellip;I Changed to Blogging

It is nice that you've changed now your blogging 1.0 to blogging 2.0.

The things that could been through is to make a differ from this site,This will be that great site i've never seen,Thanks for sharing.

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