TechEd Keynote Video

No need to go to conferences anymore… ;-) here is the video [asx]


Team Archiitect with Brian starts at minute 43.

As I wrote in this post: “I'm curious what he really said…” I can say now, after I watched the complete keynote… he did’nt talk about UML in relation to Oslo. Not that important, just want to be sure…

small update from RedmondDeveloper

In a the Q&A portion, a developer asked Gates about the UML modeling standards in Visual Studio. He said in part: "We'll have additional support for UML in Visual Studio 10 for the specific modeling tools that are there. Then as we move forward and take the modeling platform to the next layer, we'll get even more ability for you to create your own models.

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Thanks for posting the link to the keynote; I had not known it was available.

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