TechEd News - UML on tap in Oslo SOA modeler

Not that I'm at the TechEd US, but just read this article "Outgoing Bill Gates says UML on tap in Oslo SOA modeler".

Two quotes:

Microsoft will incorporate UML as part of its effort to create its Oslo unified modeling environment for SOA, Chairman Bill Gates told attendees at TechEd 2008 for Developers in Orlando, Fla.

The company also confirmed that it expected the first Oslo Community Technology Preview (CTP) would be released at the PDC in September. Gates also disclosed that UML will be part of Visual Studio 10. The reappearance of the general-purpose industry standard UML for modeling in the flagship products in Microsoft's developer line comes after several years of emphasis on special-purpose Microsoft-brewed DSLs, or Domain-Specific Languages.

We already know UML is in Rosaro "Visual Studio 10 2010 ;-)", but still haven't heard anything about the connection betweed Oslo and Rosario...

I'm curious what he really said...

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