Rosario Video - Generate TestCases from ActivityDiagram

Played today with CommunityClips from Microsoft Office Labs...

I made a video from some work [in progress] with Rosario Team Architect and Team Test.
Actually, it was just meant to be for internal use only, but why not share it...  [I'm so 2.0 smile_thinking]

These posts have some more additional information:

and these on Rob Kuijt's blog:

and this one: TMap Testing Use Cases


It wasn't that easy as I thought it would be to make these kind of video's. Anyway I have to practice more on that skill, still not that bad for the first time. Feel free to give any kind of comment.
In Soapbox it looks the same.
I have to do something about the quality. somebody any tips?
UPDATE: Added the WMV for better viewing...

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