Rosario - Create Sequence Diagram from Binary

A follow-up on the "Rosario - Create Sequence Diagram from Existing Code" post...

To have real fun I analyzed the "Insert Into Active Diagram..." command smile_teeth.

First I analyzed the "ReverseEngineerMethodCommand" method, which can be found in the "StructuralDesignersCommands" assembly in Visual Studio's "PrivateAssemblies" folder. This ended in 100% CPU and a deadlock of Visual Studio, probably to much method calls to classes and depth in there.

Anyway, when I analyzed the "CreateLifelineCommandImplementation" It didn't crash and a nice sequence diagram was created. [see image].

I must go and buy an A0 printer or a video-wall to get a nice overview... smile_sniff

Zooming will give use more insight... first it gets some necessary information and setting some properties.

Second get the ServiceManager and Service from the Backplane [Edward talks in detail about this].

And third, the lifelines...

Nice..! ... with the combination of reflector and these sequence diagrams it really gets easy to understand code.


One comment: with this big diagrams you really need a split function..!

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Nice graph about Rosario - Create Sequence Diagram from Binary. Great post!

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