Live Mesh, The Emperor's New Groove...

Just watch Walt Disney's Dumbo with Abel and in the previews there was this...


I had to think about Ray Ozzie and Live Mesh...

I'm not the only one when you read the comments in this post "Ray Ozzie delivers with Live Mesh" from Scobleizer:

Sounds “groove-y.”
Groove++ ?

Mesh is Groove scaled up


I agree, at first look this looks like something related to Groove. I always liked the underlying Groove platform although the top layer ruined it. This could end up being a great transport for applications that are usually but not always online. Really hoping they deliver on the Mac and device support!

Groovy. I can’t wait to see if Ray has the wherewithall to start cutting some of the MS closetful of assets and let the winners like this shine through. What of Sharepoint integration, Skydrive, Groove, how they fit? Great to see MS play their integration card more seriously these days. Anxious to see it unfold, I’m signing up.

etc etc etc... had to make this post smile_teeth

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