UML, the Most Wanted Feature in Team Architect...

One of the problems I have found in VSTS 2005 is the lack of modeling tools for the Software Architect.
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I am in a looot of problem..I want to make sequence diagram from an existing C# code..
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First, I agree with your observation, Tad, about the lack of support for the Software Architect in VSTS 2005. We did indeed focus on the System Architect not the Software Architect. We had limited resources to allocate to architecture tools, and felt it was more important to support Microsoft’s drive toward connected systems for the 2005 release.
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Those quotes aren't a overwhelming proof that this is the most wanted feature set. But, you know everybody wants it. 

The current Rosario CTP release of Team Architect [download] supports UML diagrams..! 

I attended the Rosario Architecture Edition preview yesterday. Frankly, I'm two orders of magnitude more excited about this than I am about anything else I've seen here at the summit yet.
[Rosario rocks (Architecture edition).]

In the 2005 release there already was the ability to use class diagrams. These are tightly coupled to source files and provide roundtripping. Useful, but not for UML sketching. There is added a Logical Class Diagram to Team Architect which provides the ability to make your design and "upgrade" classes to the physical layer.


Also a capability of the Logical Class Diagram is to create lifelines for those classes in a sequence diagram. Sequence Diagrams where already added in the November CTP release of Rosario. In that release there was the ability to draw the sequence between distributed applications from the application diagram, that feature didn't make it in this release [probably I'm going to write something about that smile_sarcastic later on...].


As you can create lifelines from the logical class diagram you can create classes from lifelines.

Other diagrams currently supported by Team Architect:
Component diagram.


Use Case Diagram


And the Activity Diagram



What everybody immediately thinks, although I did...

One, this UML tooling isn't that mature then other UML tooling already ages available and evolved overtime. What is the added value? in my opinion the real added value is TFS, create workitems, track down [or up] design artifacts to requirements or code and for sure "Enable ALM by Automation". With these diagrams we can stitch everything together. For example, we already managed to generate test cases from activity diagrams and import them into Camano. [Rob is going to blog about that soon and I wrote something about that a few weeks ago].
All the diagrams are based on the DSL tools, so customization is easy and with the designer bus [backplane] underneath all the diagrams collaboration between them is guaranted.  

Two, what happened with the distributed designers? they are still there... but I haven't noticed any further development on them. So, are they still useful? yes, I think... not sure, but I wrote last week something about OSLO / DSI and how to get prepared, use those diagrams to get prepared! probably something will end up in some kind of Oslo tooling (together with the service factory).

Three, do the functional designers have to use Visual Studio, they won't do that? hopefully there will be something available like Camano, the standalone testtool for testers [also in the April release]. Should be possible with the Visual Studio Shell.

Four, What about Domain Specific Languages and Software Factories? That is a hard one, lets say for now [I'll get back on this topic later on...] all the UML diagrams are "Logical" so they are for: Sketching, White boarding, Documentation, Conceptual drawings that do not directly relate to code... [see,Team System Modeling Strategy and FAQ, What About UML?].



Still enough questions, first lets start playing with it and till now... great job [I didn't know you can great these kind of functionality with the DSL tools]!

< more to come >

UPGRADE, I forgot to mention... you can create sequence diagrams from excising code [I already posted that at the forum smile_wink]

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