Engineering World: A unique congress with Microsoft, Oracle and IBM

Saturday I joined a congress organized by Sogeti Netherlands and here most important partners "Microsoft, Oracle and IBM".
It happens not that often that they join the same congress.


Although, it was the first sunny day within weeks and it was on a Saturday, there where about 130 till 150 people attending the congress.

The program was great with Scott Ambler and the Playlogic Game Factory as keynote speakers and  during the day topics like:

  1. Modernizing of Enterprise Applications
  2. Business Intelligence out of the box
  3. Java en Concurrency
  4. Second Life Scripting Language
  5. EGL, new kid on the block?
  6. Uniface, the 4GL language
  7. Secured Application Development
  8. MS Visual Studio Team System 2008, ALM and Model Driven 

Really had a good day, visited all the non-Microsoft presentations and gave session number 8 [Deck download [4.15 MB]].

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