Rosario Team Architect CTP10 Preview

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So, while everybody is in warm Barcelona attending the TechEd.
A best practices, not yet a pattern for a yet-lag...  keep on moving, we went biking around Redmond

Some geek's are in rainy, fogy Redmond attending the Patterns and Practices summit, with a big jet-lag. [ten hours flight over nine timezones] following days over 12 hours long [it started today at 7:30 and stopped after 19:30 ] with very interesting sessions [see the schedule].

David showed today the first ideas about Rosario Team Architect. I think we don’t have to wait for long before we get this bits.
Redmond Oktober 2007 012

Interesting thing number one: the Designer Bus.

Redmond Oktober 2007 007
With this, models can work together. The same thing as Ordina have made in there Smart Factory.

Interesting thing number two: Progresion.

Redmond Oktober 2007 008 
visualize implementation to validate the architecture

Redmond Oktober 2007 009 
Overall view of Progresion

Interesting thing number three: Logical Class Diagram

<forgot to take a picture> but the main idea is that you can model your class diagram without roundtripping

Interesting thing number four: Sequence Diagram

<forgot to take a picture> model the interaction between your classes, all with use of the Designer Bus

and the last slide
Redmond Oktober 2007 013

Tomorrow Mark is going to show use the ideas in CTP10 for the interaction between the Application Diagram and the Service Factory [if you have been reading this blog, you can imagine how it would look like]

Redmond Oktober 2007 060 
[some more picture here]

Anyway tomorrow the real work ;-)

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Good to see that Microsoft is taking over our ideas on collaborating DSLs. I have seen the Micrsoft implementation it looks flexible and powerfull enough for us to achieve what we need.

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