Some Rosario Team Architect and Factory Platform Information

Due to NDA I’m not able to openly talk about the Rosario plans according to Team Architect and the Software Factories… but I can point to some information about it.


This is what Mark Groves wrote in a forum post:

At a high level we are planning on providing greater designer functionality and rich integration with Software Factories, including Domain Specific Languages.

That would be great, the integration between the Distributed System Designers and the P&P factories is not very easy at this moment, but it can be done ;-) and it really adds value to the application lifecycle, but for example at this moment it’s not possible to capture shape properties our events from the model.

Don Smith is giving use some more details on the Service Factory Codeplex site:

Rosario is the next version of Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) and will ship with a Software Factory platform built into it. This platform will replace and integrate with much of the platform the Service Factory is based on. The patterns & practices team is currently working directly with the Visual Studio Team Architect team to migrate parts of the Service Factory to Rosario. We are working to release parts of the factory during CTP 10, Beta 1, and Beta 2 on the Rosario Virtual PC image.

It is important to understand that during these drops, we will only be releasing parts of the factory and it is not targeted to Web Service developers. Rather, these drops of the factory are being built and released to illustrate how to build on top of the new factory platform in Rosario. This is not Web Service guidance – you might call it factory building guidance for the future.

While this is not the type of work typically done by patterns & practices, we are doing so because the Rosario team has made a commitment to us to build a factory platform – we have committed to them to help make sure they get it right by proving it with a real Software Factory.

So, we have to wait for … weeks/ months? To get this Virtual PC image.

Can’t hardly wait

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