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I gave allot of talks and presentations lately about the Software Factories I’ve been working on. One observation from an attendee [an enterprise architect] I liked. During the break he came to me and said:

“I didn’t know that software engineering is that a crafts labor, that you are still busy inventing this”.

First I was happy, because he liked the talk and the work we are doing, but on second sight I thought he’s right we are still crafts men. I often ask during presentations to the audience [when I talk to software engineers] who is using notepad as there development tool. It really shocks me over and over again when about 5% of the people in the room raise their hand.

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I think the main reason is in the word “craft”:

“Manually craft products are made with sweat and love [and tears], each product is unique because the crafts-men gives it their personal attention.”

That’s what people like, they want to be seen as creative artists. Which is still possible with factories, but that is another discussion.

Anyway, still allot of work to-do.

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