The Time of DevTest Labs is over. DevOps to the Max.

The evolution of DevTest Labs with DTAP environments, cloud, containers, toggles and serverless platforms. New platform capabilities and architectural patterns will change the need of a DevTest Lab. Environments Dev/Test Labs are used in software development for decades. Different types of environments are helping teams with continues integration, deployment and testing while delivering business value. Maintaining proper environments for these activities is known as a must-have practice for DevOps teams in Application Lifecycle Management. Multiple environments (or stages) are used by teams, the development environment (or better an integration environment), the Test environment , Accepta... [More]

Free report on #DevOps by #Sogeti. The #Antifragile Organization.

‘If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.’  Jack Welch Henrik Kniberg played a major role at Spotify to set up the organization. He worked for them for many years as an Agile/Lean coach, and now fulfills the same role with Lego. Kniberg produced two videos with infographics in which he gives a very detailed explanation of the method of working . The ten highlights below provide a good understanding ('s_number).  Business alignment versus autonomy Focus on staff motivation Experiment-friendly culture Making mistakes faster as a mission Minimum Lovable Product Minimum Viable Bureaucracy ... [More]

Azure Dev Test Browser Lab for Visual Studio Team Services. #VSTS #Azure

  With the new Azure DevTest Lab capabilities you can create an artifact repository for your DevTest VM’s. One of the scenarios for this Artifact repository is the Browser Lab. Create artifacts for all browsers you want to validate your system against. Something I already did for you. You can find it in this GitHub repository . Simply connect it to your own Azure DevTest Lab and it will give you a list of browsers you can add to a Lab VM. It uses chocolatey for deploying the different browsers, feel free to add more. To add it to your own Azure DevTest Lab add the GitHub URL as a new artifact repository and use the master branch. You also need to add a Personal Access Token... [More]

Post VSTS Release to Slack

Always good to update the team about ongoing releases. By using the Slack API in a VSTS PowerShell Release Task it is easy to update your team members. To post messsage to Slack from VSTS I used the VSTS Powershell task with a function to post messages. For the PowerShell function I re-used the implementation from (thx), tuned it a bit with Release specific parameters and all that is left is adding a VSTS PowerShell Release Task which calls the PowerShell method. Too easy… It should be even easier when there is a custom taks for VSTS to post messages, or a Zapier action, or a Service Hook in Slack https://www.vis... [More]

Visual Studio Team Services Release Management for O365 product development.

The scenario. A team working on a Provider Hosted SharePoint Add-in, hosted on Azure with multiple deployments for different O365 tenants. The development team wants a friction free, controlled and with as less as possible manual tasks delivery of the system to the different customers. The setup. The team uses GIT with Visual Studio Team Services to organize their sources, backlog, tasks, builds and releases. A default GitFlow policy is used for the branching structure with a drop to GitHub for the created Open Source components. Azure Resource Manager JSON definitions are used for creating the Azure Resources used by the system. The Development team Every team member uses its own develop... [More]

New release: Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise Symbol Set Version 2.3

I’m using the Azure and Office Visio stencils a lot for my blog posts and internal communication. See these post: Dev/Test Lab Management on Azure, what is your test infrastructure  Sogeti O365 Site Provisioning (on GitHub).   Happy to noticed today that an update is released. This update has some new symbols, bug fixes. Don’t forget to read the Instructions, they contain useful usages tips.   The Change Log. ===========2015_10_12=============Added new services/features  Azure IOT Hub  Azure Datalake  Azure VPN Gateway  Service Fabric   Azure DNS  Azure load balancer. Old one changed to Azure load balancer (automatic).  Resource Group&nb... [More]

Sogeti O365 Site Provisioning (on GitHub).

The Sogeti Site Provisioning Suite helps Office 365 users create sites and site collection in an easy and consistent way. Via separation of activities on technical knowledge tasks and user capabilities are efficient positioned. Three levels of technology are recognized in the Site Provisioning Suite. 1. The SharePoint Expert, who has knowledge about SharePoint capabilities and features. Experienced for making a PnP based Sharepoint site template. 2. The SharePoint user, knowledgeable about the site or site collection needs of the business. This user will prepare specific site templates for business scenario’s (based on a PnP based SharePoint site template). 3. The Business user, knows wh... [More]

5 Tips, how to survive the rise of the ‘front end’ engineer hipster?

Never a dull moment in software development. You just learned the newest cool framework and before the project is finished it is old again and there is a new kid on the block. Every new project another framework looking for authenticity. From: Welcome to the world of the constantly changing world of the front-end engineer hipster. Every team member knows a new cool framework to work with. Not only the frontend engineer gets exhausted ( Frontend dev is getting exhausting ) of the fast life cycle of frameworks. Also the backed engineer gets overwhelmed by new cool stuff, facing even more moving parts. API’s evolve and inn... [More]

Azure Resource Groups for Dev/Test environment in Sogeti OneShare.

With Azure Resource Manager the real power and benefit of Azure for your Development and Test environments comes to live. Cloud for Dev/Test. When using Azure for your development and test work you want to have the benefits of the cloud in its full potential. Lower costs by only consuming what you need at that time, less risk because the startup costs are close to zero and faster business value by having more flexibility, less overhead and restrictions. Too good to be true. With Azure Resource Manager and OneShare this close to realization. When using Azure for your team you can think about different environments. See Cloud usage flavors for Development and Test teams. Azure Resource Ma... [More]

The Browser Lab, Browser OS testing on Azure.

Testing different types of browsers from the Cloud is a great scenario. Virtual machine images can be configured with all kind of browsers. Team members create an instance from an image the moment that browser needs to be tested, and throws the VM away when done. An optimal Cloud scenario. Azure. Using Azure for a Browser Lab brings some additional capabilities and control benefits. The Virtual Machines (with the browser) that are created by team members are in control of the organization. Images can contain preinstalled organizational software, which may influence the browser. Or company private browser add-ins needs to be validated and preinstalled on the images. There is also more contr... [More]

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