Some Rosario Team Architect and Factory Platform Information

Due to NDA I’m not able to openly talk about the Rosario plans according to Team Architect and the Software Factories… but I can point to some information about it. This is what Mark Groves wrote in a forum post: At a high level we are planning on providing greater designer functionality and rich integration with Software Factories, including Domain Specific Languages. That would be great, the integration between the Distributed System Designers and the P&P factories is not very easy at this moment, but it can be done ;-) and it really adds value to the application lifecycle, but for example at this moment it’s not possible to capture shape... [More]

Announcing the *European* Service Factory Customization Workshop! (held 14-15-16 November in The Netherlands)

Get your hands dirty with the Factory tools... [from]: If you get your hands dirty, you become involved in something where the realities might compromise your principles. It can also mean that a person is not just stuck in an ivory tower dictating strategy, but is prepared to put in the effort and hard work to make the details actually happen. details can be found here.

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For everybody who only read my posts with some kind of RSS Reader and never visit the real site [and read Dutch]... I've add a summary of Dutch posts to the right side. for all the RSS readers... this how my Blog looks like ;-)

It’s all about Viewpoints.. DSI – ALM – DFO -SDM and Communication..!

Microsoft is talking for a long time about their Dynamic Systems Imitative [DSI], I think March 2003 they announced it and lately there is some more talk about Application Lifecycle Management [ALM] and Design For Operations [DFO]. For a while Visual Studio 2005 Team Architect Edition [VSTESA] and Microsoft Operations manager 2005 [MOM] where the only “technical” visible products from Microsoft with their SOAP based SDM language who implement this DSI/ALM vision from Microsoft. But with the current release wave of new products [SCCM2007, SCOM2007, Visual Studio Team System 2008], the work from the Patterns and Practice group and the ability to customize them this vision of D... [More]

Crafts Labor

I gave allot of talks and presentations lately about the Software Factories I’ve been working on. One observation from an attendee [an enterprise architect] I liked. During the break he came to me and said: “I didn’t know that software engineering is that a crafts labor, that you are still busy inventing this”. First I was happy, because he liked the talk and the work we are doing, but on second sight I thought he’s right we are still crafts men. I often ask during presentations to the audience [when I talk to software engineers] who is using notepad as there development tool. It really shocks me over and over again when about 5% of the people... [More]

Model Driven with a Pen Tablet

Bought a Wacom Bammboo Pen Tablet yesterday. Actually only for presentations, some drawings and ink notations in reviews [works really nice in Office 2007].   But, after some playing around [practice my eye hand coordination with train drawings for my son] I opened Visual Studio and started to use it with the Distributed System Designers and the DSL’s… that works really great! I mentioned my last post that I did some presentations lately, and a comment from a attendee was that you would get RSI from all that dragging around of the shapes… this is the solution, it goes fast without any pain :-) I must mention that I’ve got a CAD background, w... [More]

WSSF Modeling Edition Sept. Doc. Drop

P&P just released the WSSF Modeling Edition. I think they where in a hurry when you look at the abbreviations in the title :-) Don't forget to unblock the chm file... I always forget it. The roadmap is interesting... The Service Factory for Visual Studio 2007 will be released on MSDN at the end of this year. It will include features that help you work with the Web Client Software Factory such as response caching, type sharing and mapping, service address resolution, offline detection and request queuing, and reference data caching, as well as proxy generation and health management and instrumentation guidance. UPDATE: The roadmap is old. It will be ... [More]

Practices Checker

Very nice, going to use this today with some old projects, scary... patterns & practices Practices Checker is a tool that helps you verify your applications against the patterns & practices performance recommendations for ASP.NET applications. - J.D. Meier, Jason Taylor, Prashant Bansode, Paul Bates, Sean Thompson, Brad Linscott Possible next step… Add it to your build process or add it to your model validation or add you own rules or throw away the book.

The Greenfield

Played today with some thoughts about "greenfield", "brownfield", the Service Factory and Team Architect. I think many people who are willing to use the service factory, already have build services and who are willing to use Team Architect allready build applications :-) So, when you start using it at your development department, you must also think about those “brownfield” applications. I don’t think you are going to build only new “greenfield” services from scratch… So, some possible “brownfield” scenarios: A software solution already in production and there is a need to upgrade, for example from .NET 1.1 to ... [More]

Service Factory Modeling Edition Extensibility, Regenerate Service Model

What I want: Generate a service contract model from the application diagram, with the ability to regenerate the service contract model. The first part of the addition / changing of the service factory I finished a few days ago. And I’m pretty happy about it. Still some problems and fine tuning to do, but no stoppers. So, today another challenge. This scenario would only work when there is the ability to regenerate the service model from the application diagram without losing the information / the settings the “service modeler” has made. So, what kind of settings should be set at service model level and what kind of settings belong to the application diagram leve... [More]

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