Test Automation Day Deck - Agile ALM - Getting testing done in a sprint

Below my http://www.testautomationday.com/ presentation (demo’s will follow next week on my YouTube channel). Agile teams find it hard to get the testing effort in sync with the other development activities. Not only development tests are executed during sprints, all other kind of testing activities are part of done. This session will give guidance how Microsoft Visual Studio ALM tools can support agile teams. How to run sprints and get testing done in a sprint.   ALM - Getting Testing done in a Sprint View more presentations from Clemens Reijnen.   Tweet !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);js.id=id;js.s... [More]

10. Getting Testing Done in the Sprint – the Definition of Done

Are we done? When this is unclear the team will do too less or too much. Both are bad. The Definition of Done helps to define when you are done, the same as a master test plan helps to define the test levels. A good definition of done specific for your team and project will definitely help knowing when you're ready and to get testing done in a sprint. Mainly because you know when you're done. Making a good definition of done is a trivial task and books are written about it. A good starting point are these posts: How Do We Know When We Are Done? Definition of Done: A Reference An Exercise for Defining Done for Scrum Teams What is Done? - A ... [More]

09. Getting Testing Done in the Sprint – Test Tasks on the Board

It seems obvious that you need to have activities in the sprint for your testing activities. At least when you have something in your Definition Of Done what covers testing, like: Test Complete Integration tested done Functional testing done Regression testing done Performance testing done Acceptance testing done See: http://www.scrumalliance.org/articles/106-definition-of-done-a-reference. When there is totally no risk or business value in the system you are creating it can be that you don’t have to test it. (read: Risk and Business driven Tests), for all other systems… you need test tasks on the scrum board. I’ve seen multiple teams working with a scrum board wh... [More]

TMap 4 TFS WP7 App – Connect 2 TFS video explanation

For all the people who don’t own a windows phone and want to see how the TMap for TFS App works… see this video.

TMap for TFS Windows Phone 7 App available in the marketplace.

TMap (Test Management Approach) is a method for structured testing of software. An essential part of the method is the Life Cycle.         The TMap Life Cycle app describes the different phases of the TMap Life Cycle and has the capability to create TMap Test Tasks in your Team Foundation Server project. The TMap app also offers various downloads for checklists and templates supporting the TMap process. As well as the possibility to download books and papers.   TMap for TFS menu’s The TMap for TFS App has four main menu’s; TMap, TFS, Sogeti and Books. TMap is the entry point to the TMap Test Lifecycle. In this menu you can find the diffe... [More]

08. Getting Testing Done in the Sprint – Write Logical Acceptance Tests

During release planning meeting. Capture acceptance criteria and immediately add the as logical test cases to the PBI. It will help the team to understand, clarify the discussion and more important for this topic, it helps testers be involved, and be important at the early stages of the software cycle. Within VS11 | TFS11 this is very easy to accomplish: add the PBI to the backlog. add logical test cases, from the backlog item work item. and only add the test case title. Start planning and execute the sprint open Microsoft Test Manager, add a test plan for the current sprint. Add the Backlog items as Requirement Suites to the plan and see th... [More]

07. Getting Testing Done in the Sprint – Risk and Business driven Tests

I really like the mindset “no risk, no test”. So, when there isn’t any business risk, there aren't any tests and is it easy to fit testing in a sprint. More realistic do a good risk analysis on your product backlog items before start writing thousands of tests. Also in scrum is risk an important attribute. The release plan establishes the goal of the release, the highest priority Product Backlog, the major risks, and the overall features and functionality that the release will contain. Products are built iteratively using Scrum, wherein each Sprint creates an increment of the product, starting with the most valuable and riskiest. Product Backlog items have the attributes of a desc... [More]

Create a TFS11 on Azure account with Clemens and get a 3 minute quick start explanation … #techdaysnl

TechDays in Den Haag, Netherlands TFS11 Service is the brand new Team Foundation Service on Azure, it makes it very simple to have your own Team Foundation Server. But, there are some new concepts in TFS11. In a 3 minute face to face session with me, we create a TFS11 on Azure account and you get an explanation of these new concepts so you can start using it and be productive immediately. Look for this laptop at the Sogeti boot or ATE area at the TechDays in Den Haag, Netherlands. Thursday only. Tweet !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);js.id=id;js.src="//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js";fjs.parentNode.insertBe... [More]

Decks: TFService Basic and Advanced

Decks I used Yesterday for a TFService presentation. Normally it is a demo only presentation, but a scheduled maintenance made me use them (see http://blogs.msdn.com/b/tfservice/ for the schedule).  Lucky me I have them, now you have hem too… First presentation (second in the series, first session was about scrum 101) is some general usages of TFService and how it supports an agile way of working. TFS11 on Azure the basics View more presentations from Clemens Reijnen.   Second deck (fourth in the sessions series, third one was about how we use it in real projects) is about how we solved some usages challenges like multiple backlogs, bug backlog, testing etc.  TFS11... [More]

06. Getting Testing Done in the Sprint – PBI Implementation Sequence

A challenge in getting testing done in a sprint is the fact that the software (PBI) isn’t ready to be tested till implementation/ coding is done.  How To. Work on completing each item in the sprint backlog and finish one item after another, see task boards below. BAD -- Not able to start testing task board, every team member works on a different pbi. Testing can only start at the end of the sprint. GOOD -- Ready to start testing task board, team members work together on a pbi one after another till it’s done. Testing can start early. It is a good practice, but not often followed. it really helps getting testing done.   Past Tips: 01. Getting Testing Done in t... [More]

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