The 4 focus areas of DevSecOps.

DevOps will make systems more secure. In opposite to what many think, adopting DevOps, with its fast release cadence, will result in hardened systems which are fully compliant with security guidelines and which can stand the modern hackers. Summary.Teams must follow, must inject, secure guidelines and practices in their way of working. This way of working needs to be highly automated, supported by machine learning and role playing. Fast, flexible, innovative, cheap, compliant and secure are the common requirements the business has on systems. In the past these requirements where a tradeoff from each other. Fast, flexible and innovative never went hand in hand with compliant and secure. With ... [More]

How to setup a VSTS pipelines for Azure Service Fabric and its containing services

Sven wrote a detailed How To covering the creating of a release pipelines for a secure Azure Service Fabric cluster and the containing services, based on a project we did together. These posts with the sources on GitHub provides some great information.The posts: Create and import the certificates Register SF Application in AAD and create AppKey Generate encrypted AppKey Lookup the service principles Create the Key Vaults with ARM Adjust the SF Application settings Upload certificates to Key Vault Register the Service Fabric System Applications Install SF Cluster with ARM Install the SF Application(s) with ARMThe sources: [More]

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