06. Getting Testing Done in the Sprint – PBI Implementation Sequence

A challenge in getting testing done in a sprint is the fact that the software (PBI) isn’t ready to be tested till implementation/ coding is done.  How To. Work on completing each item in the sprint backlog and finish one item after another, see task boards below. BAD -- Not able to start testing task board, every team member works on a different pbi. Testing can only start at the end of the sprint. GOOD -- Ready to start testing task board, team members work together on a pbi ... [More]

05. Getting Testing Done in the Sprint – No Double, Triple Testing

One way of getting testing done in a sprint is making it [testing] as efficient as possible, meanwhile this also saves money. One way of getting more efficient is not doing things double or triple. An interesting thing with testing, we do test double or triple. We test it during unit, during unit integration, during functional and during acceptance testing, this can be done better, we could save a lot of time. I’ve seen teams which also automated all these types of tests, testing the same thing.... [More]

04. Getting Testing Done in the Sprint – Undone Backlog Item

A tip straight from the previous Scrum Guide (The guide updated and the undone TIP is removed, read The 2011 Scrum Guide – A Lot of Changes! ). But, the TIP still works, although it isn’t an ‘official’ tip anymore… Undone End to End Testing End to end testing, is not an agile specific testing practice, it’s a common sense testing practice. Create test cases to detected defects anywhere in the chain. This type of testing has been growing the couple of years enormous due to the rise of Service ... [More]

03. Getting Testing Done in the Sprint – Test Automation

Automate your testing effort, or better your test execution, is a must to get your testing done during the sprint. Automate your test execution shrinks the time needed to execute the tests, which leaves more time for the team to specify new test cases. On the other hand it also brings some inflexibility in your testing, you need to maintain the test automation code and update it when functionality change, which again cost time which the team better could use to specify and execute test cases. ... [More]

02. Getting Testing Done in the Sprint – Regression Test Sets

Some teams rerun every test every sprint, this is time consuming and isn’t worth the effort. Having a clear understanding what tests to execute during regression testing raises the return of investment of this testing effort and gives more time to specify and execute test cases for the functionality implemented during the current sprint. How To. So, collecting a good regression set is important. There area lot of approaches how to get this regressions set, most of them are based on risk classi... [More]

01. Getting Testing Done in the Sprint - The Team and Activities

Every Agile ALM presentation the same question is asked: How do I get testing done in a sprint? There isn’t a one solution/ practices/ to do/ how to fits all for this. So, I made a small list of tips you could do (or recommended to do, or must do… ), which can help to get testing done in a sprint.  Tip 1: Have testing knowledge in the team. Actually not a tip, it is a must. This is a kind of obvious but not common and I think the hardest thing to accomplish. It is: get testing knowledg... [More]

Teams and TFS Groups in TFS11, the backlog, board and security settings.

Back to the ‘teams’ topic, it is new in TFS11 … (see below the previous posts about this topic) http://www.clemensreijnen.nl/post/2011/10/09/Teams-in-VS11.aspx http://www.clemensreijnen.nl/post/2011/10/10/Teams-in-Visual-Studio-11-feature-teams-and-backlogs.aspx http://www.clemensreijnen.nl/post/2011/10/12/Teams-in-Visual-Studio-11-CTP-the-Bug-Backlog.aspx Beside using the new team concept in TFS11, you also just can do it the ‘old’ way. Put all your team members in the different ... [More]

TFS11 Scrum board update remaining work without opening the work item…

Very nice MSFT added the capability to update the remaining hours without having to open the work item. and even more nice it has some intelligence behind the drop down, because it populates the dropdown list with values in range.

TFS11 on Azure January 2012 update – request feedback

The latest update on TFS ( see: Team Foundation Service Planned Maintenance Tues Jan 17th ), fixed an issue with builds, they look stable again. And my Azure build service executes them happy. Now its time to expand this scenario with test controllers and test agents for automatic test execution and test environment provisioning.   But, I want to point to the new menu item ‘request feedback’ … it is the feature for getting early feedback about your product, for example during the s... [More]