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    (in dutch) Het vakgebied Testen, De Next step… op de TMap dag

    Komende woensdag op de TMap dag geven Ben Visser en ik een workshop over de veranderende rol van de tester [in de Application Lifecycle].

    Hier meer info: http://www.tmap.net/Home/TMap/TMap_Dag.jsp

    en hier aanmelden: Aanmelden TMap Dag 2010

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    Custom Diagnostic Data Adapter capture the Webcam

    Capture the webcam while testers execute a test case with Microsoft Test Manager… had this discussion today with a customer when talking about Diagnostic Data Adapter. Just for fun we decided that this would be a great adapter…   and just for fun I made one this evening…


    Set the Diagnostic Data Adapter to capture images at the beginning and at the end of the test case. I didn’t captured the complete video, only images… would be interesting to make one also with indexing on test steps, to see how users act while executing a step, and make it picture in picture with the screen recording… anyway, it adds the two images as attachments.


    I used this MSDN example:  Sample Project for Creating a Diagnostic Data Adapter http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd286649.aspx 

    and the libraries from this Codeplex project for the webcam capturing: http://touchless.codeplex.com

    Just add the capturing logic to the methods ‘OnTestCaseStart’ and ‘OnTestCaseEnd’… and it starts capturing images… fun

    public void OnTestCaseStart(object sender, TestCaseEventArgs e)
    public void OnTestCaseEnd(object sender, TestCaseEndEventArgs e)

    Microsoft Test Manager Hotfix available: VS10-KB2387011

    This hotfix fixes: 11 Crashes and exceptions , 5 Memory leaks and 6 Other issues

    download and install it…